Reasons why a life insurance company may deny your claim

Panel Affirms $7.28M Verdict For Mesothelioma Victim; Evidence Was ‘Sufficient’ - Lexis Legal News

A Maryland appeals panel on Aug. 10 affirmed a trial court’s decision to award damages to a man who developed mesothelioma as a result of working on a building project where asbestos insulation was used, ruling that the evidence presented at trial was sufficient for the claims that were made (Wallace & Gale Asbestos Settlement Trust v. William Edward Busch Jr., No. 1055, Sept. Term 2017, Md. Spec. App.).

Four Reasons Your Life Insurance Claim May Be Denied

An article by the Los Angeles Times describes how the sudden and unexpected discovery that there is no life insurance coverage often compounds the tragedy of losing a loved one and causes financial hardship for those left behind.

To help guard against the risk of your loved ones being left with too little to live on, let's consider a few of the reasons why life insurance companies routinely deny claims.

Life Insurance and Individuals In Their 30s

When a person is in their 30s, they might assume that they have a great deal of their life in front of them, and that thinking about what will happen when they die is something they can put off until later. However, no one is immune to tragic accidents or events that could end up taking their life early.

Now, there are certain things that may be able to help a 30-something financially protect their family in the event that the unexpected strikes and they die early. One is getting life insurance. So, life insurance is one of the insurance issues a person in their 30s may want to give careful thought to.