Modern Dandy: Lawyer John Faricy pairs philanthropy with style at the Polo Classic

By Jahna Peloquin:

The polo classic has been on the social calendars of stylish Minnesotans for more than two decades. Held on every August at Maple Plain’s Twin City Polo Club, the event is one part polo match, one part social mixer, and one part fundraiser for local nonprofits. (This year’s 27th annual event benefits the American Heart Association.) It’s also a great excuse for guys to don a seersucker suit and bowtie and for ladies to put on a sundress and wide-brimmed hat. 

John Faricy has long served as something of an unofficial mascot for the Polo Classic. His company, Faricy Law Firm, has been sponsoring a VIP tent at the event for, well, as long as he can remember (at least 20 years). The bespectacled lawyer has been known to hold court in his fully catered tent, clad in one of the several seersucker suits in his wardrobe.