No Playing Around When It Comes To Child Toy Safety

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As a Minnesota parent, you may be like many others who keep tabs on the latest toy trends, so you know what your children might like, especially if an occasion arises where it's customary to give them gifts. The problem is that, just because a particular item is at the top of the popular gadget or gift item charts, this doesn't mean it's safe to use. Sadly, tragedies strike many households every year when children suffer serious injuries (even death) because of defective toy products.

As a parent, it's your job to keep your children as safe as possible; however, that may be nearly impossible if you're unaware that a particular toy is defective. If, on the other hand, the manufacturer, distributor or any other party within the sales and distribution chain is aware of the defect and still allowed the toy to reach the hands of consumers, you may be able to seek full recovery for your losses if your child suffers injury when using said item.

What are the most dangerous toys currently on the market?

The most dangerous toys list changes every year. In 2017, there are several popular items that may be more than just trends; they may be placing your children at risk for injury. The following list provides information about possible toy hazards:  

  • Fidget spinners: For a time, it seemed every kid had to have one as well as some adults. Touted as a special tool that people with ADD and ADHD can use to calm their nerves and help them stay focused, these mass-produced gadgets are on store shelves, at checkout counters and in kiosks at malls throughout the nation. The trouble seems to be that many of these toys contain very small parts, which pose choking hazards to those who use them.
  • Disney plush toys: A particular brand of plush toys made by Disney, known as Itty Bittys, place children at risk for choking due to the fabric pieces used to construct the toys.   
  • Heel Wheels: Would you want your children wearing shoes that could burn them? Actually, it's not the shoe that poses a burn risk but the roller skate wheels attached to Heel Wheels shoes that are the supposed problem. The wheels spark when in use, thus placing children at risk for burns.   
  • Slackline: Many children have this tightrope style toy that safety analysts say is extremely dangerous. Children can apparently become entangled, trapped or strangled in the rope line.

When you purchase toys for your children, the last thing you imagine is that using the toys is going to land any of your kids in the hospital. Minnesota emergency room doctors often see children who have suffered grave injuries from defective toy products. The good news is there's support available if this type of tragedy has struck your family.

Where to turn for help

Many Minnesota parents acting on their children's behalves seek guidance from experienced product liability law attorneys before heading to court to file personal injury claims. This option often increases the chances of obtaining compensation for damages in the aftermath of a defective product injury.

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