Don't Lose Faith When Fighting Bad Faith Insurance Claims

On behalf of Faricy Law Firm, P.A. posted in Bad Faith Insurance Claims on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

In Minnesota and all other states, insurance companies owe a duty to the persons they insure. These companies must act in good faith and deal fairly with insured clients regarding any claims that are filed. Policyholders may file bad faith insurance claims when such duties are breached.

With regard to property damage, if a claim is filed, an insurance company is bound by law to investigate the matter, state whether damage is covered by a particular policy and issue any appropriate payments due. If the insurance company fails to carry out its duties of investigation, assessment or payment, a policyholder may take steps to rectify the situation by filing a bad faith claim. If the insurance company's actions are determined by the court to have been particularly egregious, a policyholder may, in fact, wind up recovering more than face value of the policy in question.

Contract codes and regulatory guidelines that govern such matters vary by state. If you are already stressed because of the situation that resulted in substantial damage to your property, just thinking about trying to navigate the civil justice system may cause further anxiety. This type of stress can be alleviated by asking an experienced attorney to act on your behalf in court.

Faricy Law Firm, P.A. provides customized representation for clients throughout Minnesota regarding breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation and breach of contract issues. We have more than three decades of experience helping people obtain positive outcomes for denials of legitimate insurance claims.  If you have questions about bad faith insurance claims and how to seek the court's intervention for a particular problem, you may contact our office to request a consultation. 

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