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Posts tagged "unreasonably dangerous product"

Danger of serious injury from lead in children's toys

When a person in Minnesota buys a toy for a child, they're functioning with the belief that the product will be safe and the child won't be in danger of serious injury simply by playing with it. There are many reasons why a child might be hurt from a toy. It could be an unreasonably dangerous product. There might be inadequate safety warnings. Or it could simply be a negligent company willing to risk the health of its customers. One issue that unexpectedly arises in today's more conscientious world is the substance lead being in children's toys.

Being compensated for an unreasonably dangerous product

There's a large amount of trust placed in manufacturers and sellers that the products they provide will be safe for people in Hennepin. However, because the product is available on the market doesn't automatically mean that testing has been done to ensure that it is safe and won't cause consumer injury. It's important for consumers to understand that there might be an issue with any number of products that makes them dangerous.

Fighting for Minnesota victims of defective drugs

Prescription medications are a very big business. Big pharmaceutical companies make huge profits on the medications they sell to Minnesota residents and their physicians. These medications can save lives and improve the quality of life for chronically ill patients. But sometimes an unsafe drug can cause serious injury or even death.

Concern of consumer injury stems from ingredient in toothpaste

Consumers in Hennepin County may fear that one day they will discover a design defect in a product that they use on a daily basis. With certain food products, this is a constant concern. In some circumstances, consumer injury is an issue, and it takes an unexpected discovery to spur action to put a stop to the marketing of an unreasonably dangerous product.

Computer power cords cause fires and burns

Some consumer products can be dangerous. However, most Minnesota residents know to be careful when using these types of products -- including power tools, knifes, ladders and other products that carry inherent risks even when used correctly. However, other products don't carry these types of risk and people do not expect to get hurt while using them. Therefore, when injuries occur with these seemingly benign objects people can be thrown way off guard and not know how to react.

GM recalls 105,688 vehicles in latest round of product recalls

Minnesotans rely on a variety of products almost every single day of their lives. From couches, to phones, to food and baby products, people may not even think about all the work that goes into designing and manufacturing the products that they use so frequently. In each case, people just trust that their products are going to work the way they are supposed to and make their lives easier.

Hummus and dips recalled from Minnesota stores

In today's society, many Minnesota residents are very conscious about the types of food they are eating. People read labels, eat organically, avoid certain chemicals and stick to special diets. All in all, people want what is best for them and for their families.

Minnesota company settles suits over defective product

Recently, this blog warned readers about a new report from the FDA that suggested that a Minnesota company's urological devices were defective and could cause damage to consumers. Now, new reports have surfaced that the same company -- Endo International -- has settled various lawsuits over another defective product. Endo International is the parent company to Minnetonka, Minnesota based American Medical Systems Inc.

Chicken nuggets cause consumer injuries - company recalls

Parents generally want what is best for their kids. They try to buy all the right products to keep them safe, and feed them all right foods to help them stay healthy. However, when companies are not careful about what they are doing, parents can only go so far to protect their children.

Chicken plants not closed in salmonella outbreak

This week the U.S. Department of Agriculture threatened to close two poultry slaughterhouses in California in connection with an outbreak of salmonella in chicken produce from Foster Farms' facilities, but then company met a USDA deadline with plans to fix the safety problems in the plants.