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Do you have trade secrets? Take proactive steps to protect them

Many small business owners in Minnesota don't realize that they even have trade secrets. If you consider yourself part of that group, you may want to reevaluate your business operations. Many processes, recipes, blueprints and schematics fall under the umbrella of trade secrets. For example, if you use your grandmother's secret recipe to make cookies that keep customers flocking to your establishment, then you own a trade secret.

What you don't know could actually hurt you

If you live with a severe food allergy, you may carry epinephrine at all times and meticulously scrutinize your food. When you go to a restaurant, you may have to ask numerous questions regarding the preparation of your food. In fact, you may only frequent certain Minneapolis restaurants that you know can accommodate your dietary needs.

Ensuring that you are ready for legal trouble

If you are in the process of starting a small or midsize business, you have a lot of planning to do. Since your business will have a limited number of employees, you probably won't have a human resources department or a legal team on the payroll. Much of that work will likely fall to you.

No playing around when it comes to child toy safety

As a Minnesota parent, you may be like many others who keep tabs on the latest toy trends, so you know what your children might like, especially if an occasion arises where it's customary to give them gifts. The problem is that, just because a particular item is at the top of the popular gadget or gift item charts, this doesn't mean it's safe to use. Sadly, tragedies strike many households every year when children suffer serious injuries (even death) because of defective toy products.

Is your medication a prescription for danger?

When a Minnesota doctor prescribes you a drug, you likely assume that it is safe to use and will treat your condition or help you manage your symptoms. Unfortunately, some drugs not only fail to work as intended, they can actually cause harm to the person taking it. If you are taking or were taking a drug that caused you harm or made your condition worse, you may have the right to take action.

When your pockets are as empty as a for-profit college's promises

Promises of a better life through higher education -- this is what your for-profit college sold you when you applied. The school's representatives may have promised you a job in your field upon graduation. The school told you that its classes provide you with the skills employers look for in applicants.