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Window leaks and other defects often found in buildings

Construction defects are a concern for people looking for a new home or making repairs to their old one in Hennepin and across the state. Whether a person is buying a new home or doing repairs to their current home, numerous issues can arise when it comes to construction defects and it's important to know how to recognize them.

The right construction defect knowledge can make a case

Many Minnesotans will deal with a construction project at some point in their lives. Whether it is building their own house or business, making repairs to existing structures or creating additions, construction projects are common. However, most people are not experts in construction or construction law. People may think that the work that is being done and the materials that are being used are sound, but they may not be.

How much time do you have to file a construction defect action?

People work hard to afford their homes and businesses. Real property is often the most valuable asset that Minnesota residents own. Therefore, when defective construction materials are used in the construction of a person's home that person can feel cheated. People may feel like their years of hard work were for nothing. Beyond the emotional strain that defective buildings can cause, they can cause significant damage.