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Posts tagged "Water intrusion and mold"

How is water intrusion and mold found in MN schools?

Nothing can raise the ire of a parent faster than if their children are placed in a potentially unhealthy situation. When that happens at the places where the child is supposed to be safest, that can only compound the anger. One such circumstance is when there might be water intrusion and mold at the child's school. The state of Minnesota has certain procedures in place to investigate for mold if there is a reason to do so. Knowing these procedures is important for the parents so they're aware of the condition of the places they send their kids.

Defective construction materials cause big problems for owners

A home is a person's castle and place of peace and comfort. In Hennepin County people make their homes in highly populated areas, on large tracts of land, and in shared units and dwellings. No matter where a person lives or in what type of structure he resides, he should be confident that the materials used to construct his dwelling are both safe and structurally sound.

Window leaks and other defects often found in buildings

Construction defects are a concern for people looking for a new home or making repairs to their old one in Hennepin and across the state. Whether a person is buying a new home or doing repairs to their current home, numerous issues can arise when it comes to construction defects and it's important to know how to recognize them.

How much time do you have to file a construction defect action?

People work hard to afford their homes and businesses. Real property is often the most valuable asset that Minnesota residents own. Therefore, when defective construction materials are used in the construction of a person's home that person can feel cheated. People may feel like their years of hard work were for nothing. Beyond the emotional strain that defective buildings can cause, they can cause significant damage.

Minnesota rains flooding basements and causing damage

After a stretch of very wet weather, many Minnesotans are likely happy to see a little sunshine. While the weather is annoying for most, it can also be destructive. In many places around Minneapolis basements are flooding as homes cannot keep all the water out. Experts say that the most common cause of a wet basement is a blocked downspout or poor grade, but other causes are possible.