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Posts tagged "Products Liability"

Kraft recalls cheese slices over potential for consumer injury

Nearly everything Minnesotans buy is wrapped in some sort of packaging. This packaging may ensure that the product remains fresh, protected, or appealing to the consumer's eye. These boxes, cans, and plastic wrap have become a part of our everyday lives, and we therefore don't find ourselves thinking about the dangers they can pose. However, a recent recall of a popular food product may have us all questioning the safety of the packaging in which our products arrive.

Inadequate safety warnings and insufficient instructions

We have all seen them. Instruction manuals shoved into product packaging and warning stickers placed on boxes and products themselves. We see these items so often that we may not pay them much attention. Yet, in the event that you are hurt by a product, the contents of its instruction manual and warnings could play an important role in your quest for recovery of compensation.

Kroger recalls cilantro after salmonella discovered

Most of us shop at grocery stores without much thought about whether or not the food is safe for consumption. Fortunately, most of the time food is safe to eat, as there are a lot of agencies and regulations at work behind the scenes to ensure clean, healthy and safe food products. Yet, every now and then harmful food gets through these lines of defenses and pose a significant threat of harm to consumers, as can be seen from a recent incident.

What defenses are used in a products liability case?

This blog devotes a significant amount of space to the subjects of defective products, manufacturing and design defects, and product recalls and how they can all be extremely harmful to consumers. If you have been hurt by a defective product, then you likely have damages that you would like to recoup. Though we have talked about some strategies related to how to recover losses, it may be just as beneficial to discuss possible products liability defenses. After all, knowing what you may be up against is one of the best ways to know how to attack.

What is a safety-related defect when it comes to cars?

Consumers expect automobiles to be safe. All safety features should work properly, and there should be no defects that put motorists at an unreasonable risk of being in an accident. Unfortunately though, car manufacturers still put vehicles on the market that are dangerous. For this reason, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has set rules regarding when such vehicles must be recalled.

Airbag manufacturer expands recall to more than 33 million cars

Readers of this blog may remember a recent controversy when airbag manufacturer Takata refused to expand its list of recalled vehicles, causing it to face fines of $14,000 per day. Takata spokespeople said the company believed the defective airbags, which can explode and send pieces of metal flying at drivers and passengers, were only affected by cars in high humidity. However, investigators may have pinpointed that exposure to moisture over time can cause the airbag's chemical propellant to be damaged.

Warning: social media use can have harmful side effects

Social media has taken hold in our society. Minnesotans connect with friends and family around the world on a daily basis. They share everything from little laughable snippets of their experiences to photographs capturing the life of their growing families, but are they too quick to click “submit” when it comes to social media?

Sausage recalled over inadequate safety warning

Many Minnesota residents may not think about food as being dangerous, but for people with food allergies, the wrong food can be deadly. In order to prevent accidents from occurring, companies that produce food are supposed to clearly label the product. These labels help those with food allergies determine whether or not they can eat a particular product or not. When these labels are forgotten, serious injuries can occur.