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Posts tagged "Product design defects"

Our experienced attorneys can deal with product design defects

Consumers should never have to worry if the products they are buying and using are safe when used as intended. Yet, as discussed on the blog a few weeks ago, product design defects can leave consumers at risk of harm. Victims of poorly designed products may suffer serious injuries, including broken bones, head and neck injuries, permanent disability and even death. Recovering from this harm can be difficult and could take a significant period of time, if recovery is possible at all.

What is a design defect?

Consumer products must be designed, manufactured and marketed to consumers in a way that ensures their safety to the fullest extent. Though many products are safe so long as they are used as intended, there are many others that leave everyday people seriously injured. When this happens, severe losses may take hold, including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Therefore, it is important to understand products liability law and how it may come into play at any time.

Seeking legal help for product design defects in Minnesota

There's an unstated belief that when a person or company purchases a product, it will be designed and manufactured properly so that it's functional and safe. This belief is innate, otherwise what's the purpose of buying the item in the first place? Simply because a product is sold doesn't mean that it will be designed in the proper way.

Class action targets Caterpillar over product design defects

Minnesota is among 18 states represented in a recent class action lawsuit against the Caterpillar construction equipment company. The lawsuit alleges product design defects in some Caterpillar diesels that caused the plaintiffs to suffer financially. No fewer than 16 engine-related lawsuits against the company have preceded this one.

Consumers sue over defective garden hose

It's gardening season in Minnesota. The weather is finally warm enough for people to come outside and work in their yards. One handy gardening tool that many people need is a good hose. While there are many variety of hoses available, a popular option has been a pocket hose. This hose is smaller, light-weight and made of a fabric material. It is supposed to be easier to store and use when compared with traditional rubber hoses. Therefore, pocket hoses have been sold to millions of consumers who are interested in making gardening easier.

Small magnets finally being recalled after legal battle

Children are some of Minnesota's most valuable assets. They are the future and need protection. Parents and guardians will often do everything they can to keep children safe from harm. Minnesotans often trust that the products they have in their homes will be safe for their children, especially those designed to be toys. However, every now and then, poorly designed products hit the marketplace and lead to serious injuries to consumers - including to children.