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Posts tagged "Mesothelioma"

What symptoms and illnesses stem from asbestos exposure?

When a person in Minnesota is diagnosed as having an illness that is known to be linked to asbestos, the injured may have to do some investigating to discover the source of the exposure. It's been a long time since asbestos was widely used in construction and for other purposes, but its remnants still affect many people and their families. Understanding asbestosis and what it can lead to is the first step in having a grasp on the disease, but that doesn't always help a victim know how they were exposed in the first place.

How much time do you have to file a construction defect action?

People work hard to afford their homes and businesses. Real property is often the most valuable asset that Minnesota residents own. Therefore, when defective construction materials are used in the construction of a person's home that person can feel cheated. People may feel like their years of hard work were for nothing. Beyond the emotional strain that defective buildings can cause, they can cause significant damage.

Asbestos based product a problem for Minnesota homeowners

Minnesota residents expect that their homes and businesses are structurally sound. They need buildings to withstand the difficult and ever changing weather conditions that Minnesota has to offer. Furthermore, people expect the materials used on their property be free from defects that could cause damage to the building or to its occupants.

Businesses lobbying for protection from asbestos-injury suits

The widow of former Minnesota Representative, Bruce Vento, opposes a bill imposing disclosure requirements concerning trusts set up to pay individuals sickened by exposure to asbestos.  Bruce Vento died from cancer caused by asbestos-exposure back in 2000.

Portable asbestos detector under development

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was used in numerous industrial and household uses for decades. It was used because of its fireproofing and insulating characteristics and became embedded in the very fabric, and hundreds other places in our homes and our daily lives. Asbestos was used to manufacture floor and ceiling tiles, shingles, pipe insulation, wrapping heating and cooling ducts and electrical insulation. It was even used in potholders and tea cozies.

Research confirms that taconite workers have greater risk of lung cancer

Mesothelioma has developed in workers in the taconite industry at a rate three times that of the general population in Minnesota, but research from the University of Minnesota did not discover a specific cause among the 80 miners who have died from the disease.