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What is strict liability?

If an individual has suffered a consumer injury caused by a product that the person purchased, then the person may be able to file a legal claim and, potentially, recover compensation for the individual's injuries. However, before moving forward with a products liability lawsuit, it is important to understand how the law operates so that a victim can make legal decisions that work best for the person.

Can I file a claim if I've been hurt by a hip implant?

Many Minnesotans may fail to realize that the medical field is inundated with products. Though we often think of doctors providing us with a service, the fact of the matter is that doctors prescribe medicine, implant artificial body parts, and use a wide variety of equipment. When these products are defective or improperly designed, then patients like you can be at risk of serious injury.

Being compensated for an unreasonably dangerous product

There's a large amount of trust placed in manufacturers and sellers that the products they provide will be safe for people in Hennepin. However, because the product is available on the market doesn't automatically mean that testing has been done to ensure that it is safe and won't cause consumer injury. It's important for consumers to understand that there might be an issue with any number of products that makes them dangerous.

Minnesota company's food products recalled for E. coli fear

One of the most inherent acts of trust the people of Minnesota and across the country indulge in has to do with food. There is a belief that food manufacturers, purveyors and sellers will provide a safe product and there won't be a risk of consumer injury simply by eating certain items. There are, however, instances in which food products are found to be dangerous and have to be pulled from the shelves. Sometimes it is because there has been consumer injury or illness due to a product. At other times, there is simply a risk of some sort of problem and people, as of yet, have not been harmed. Regardless, it's important to be vigilant when it comes to food and possible recalls.

Reporting a defective product and claiming product liability

When a new or old product no longer works, residents in Minnesota often consider whether they have recourses to deal with the broken or defective product. While dealing with a product that does not work properly or is broken could be frustrating because the product is necessary and could be costly, a defective product could also lead to consumer injury. When a product is improperly made, this could make it a dangerous product affecting numerous consumers.

Keeping families safe from everyday products

No family wishes to see a child or other family member harmed by a defective product. In reality, people can be harmed by everyday consumer products they have in their homes and do not give much thought to. Globally, greater than 1 million children are killed by preventable injuries they have suffered because of a defective or dangerous product. Developed countries have been able to cut this statistic in half over the past quarter century through education, law enforcement and other safety measures, including product recalls, but dangers still exist. Product recalls occur when manufacturers work with the government to remove dangerous or defective products from the hands of consumers.

Airbags recalled in potentially 7.78 million vehicles

Products liability law is intended to help keep consumers safe from defective and dangerous products. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released recall warning information the government agency declared was urgent, also noting that fixing the recalled products was "essential to personal safety." The recalled products include defective airbags in 7.78 million potentially impacted vehicles. The airbags pose an urgent threat to front seat passengers, according to the NHTSA.

Those who resell must be aware of unsafe products

Many people here in Minnesota are aware that there are protections afforded to members of the public when they use and are injured by unsafe products. In such cases, there are multiple legal avenues that can be pursued to address the damage caused, including a personal injury lawsuit and filing a complaint with the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, which is a federal agency that helps protect the public from injuries and even death that can be associated with many dangerous and defective products.

What are the basic types of product defects?

When pursuing a product liability lawsuit in Minnesota and nationwide, one of the primary questions that must be answered is what type of defect did the product possess. There are three basic types of product defects.

Computer power cords cause fires and burns

Some consumer products can be dangerous. However, most Minnesota residents know to be careful when using these types of products -- including power tools, knifes, ladders and other products that carry inherent risks even when used correctly. However, other products don't carry these types of risk and people do not expect to get hurt while using them. Therefore, when injuries occur with these seemingly benign objects people can be thrown way off guard and not know how to react.