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Posts tagged "Defective Products"

Can a smart device help me with my insurance claim?

As technology changes, so does the insurance industry. Getting help after an unfortunate situation is now available at the touch of a button on a smart phone. Some people are leery of the personal data that smart phones and apps tend to collect about users, but this could actually be a benefit if an insurance company acts in bad faith.

Consumer suffers allergic reaction, company recalls candy

If you’ve never had a food allergy, it’s likely that the specific ingredients of food products you buy aren’t of high importance. But for someone who has suffered the consequences of ingesting a food they are allergic to, it can be extremely important, sometimes even a matter of life or death.

Large Risperdal settlement sends a message

Last month, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) agreed to pay the largest-ever legal settlement amount related to the sale of a single medication. The company has pled guilty to a misbranding misdemeanor charge and will pay over two billion dollars in response to a high-profile investigation into its marketing approach for the drug Risperdal. It is hoped that other pharmaceutical manufacturers will now refrain from improperly marketing dangerous pharmaceutical drugs because they will have learned from J&J’s missteps.

Sport supplement contains meth-like ingredient

The makers of Craze, a pre-workout supplement, have halted production of the popular supplement after reports that the product may be dangerous for consumers. Driven Sports, the maker of the supplement, said they stopped selling and manufacturing the supplement over concerns that it may contain dangerous ingredients. 

Usher's son saved from swimming pool drowning

The five-year-old son of pop entertainer Usher narrowly escaped death in a home swimming pool in Atlanta, after being trapped by the suction created by the pool drain. The child was rescued by a contractor working on the home, after the adults supervising the child in the pool were unable to get him out of the pool. The boy was taken to the hospital is appears to have suffered no lasting injury.

Whole Foods Recalls Cheese for Possible Listeria Contamination

Most everyone knows that good cheese gets its color and flavor from various biological processes, some of which involve the interaction of milk proteins with bacteria. It has to be a particular type of bacteria, though, and definitely not one that has the potential to kill. Like Listeria, for instance, which is exactly what turned up in several Whole Foods-supplied cheeses, prompting a recall of the cheeses from Whole Foods stores in 30 states and Washington, D.C.