Hurt At A Construction Or Industrial Site?

For construction and industrial workers, using tools, equipment and heavy machinery is all in a day's work. Sometimes, the very tools that are supposed to help workers do their jobs safely and precisely fail to work properly, resulting in serious injury or even death.

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Can I Collect Workers' Compensation And File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Many workers assume that since they receive workers' compensation benefits, they are not able to pursue any type of personal injury claim after a workplace accident. This is not always true, however. Though workers are unable to file a personal injury lawsuit against their employer after a workplace accident, they still have the right to pursue claims against any third parties who have contributed to their injuries.

These third-party claims can be made in addition to workers' compensation and offer benefits beyond those that can be recovered through the workers' compensation system. These benefits include additional compensation for lost wages and disability, as well as pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Types Of Dangerous Product Cases

Dangerous product cases can arise for a number of reasons, including:

Manufacturing error: When a tool with a manufacturing defect is allowed to reach store shelves, the product's manufacturers can often be held responsible for the injuries that result.

Defective design: In many cases, flaws in a product's design can lead to worker injury. For example, a circular saw that is created without a proper hand guard could be both a danger to its users and grounds for a product liability suit.

Improper labeling: Product manufacturers have a responsibility to provide instruction on the proper use of their devices and post warnings of potential dangers; failure to live up to this responsibility can lead to serious work site injuries. Legal issues can also arise when a manufacturer's advertising misrepresents the ways in which a tool or device can be used, leading workers to use it in an unsafe manner.

Contact An Experienced Product Liability Lawyer

Product manufacturers often fight hard against product liability cases, frequently claiming that the worker committed an error or that the tool was not properly maintained. Our attorneys can help you counter these arguments. We take a personal approach to all of our legal cases, working closely with our clients to develop a unique, individualized legal strategy designed to place them in the best possible legal position.

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