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Comprehensive general liability coverage is an essential tool for many businesses. Also known as commercial general liability coverage, CGL protects your company from expensive liability claims associated with your firm's actions.

Comprehensive general liability policies cover a wide range of activities and lawsuits, including injuries that occur on company property and product liability claims. Unfortunately, insurance companies often fight hard against CGL claims, making it difficult for business owners to receive the coverage they deserve.

If your CGL claim has been denied, it is important that you work with a skilled lawyer who can help you assert your right to coverage. At Faricy Law Firm, P.A., we provide experienced representation in all types of comprehensive general liability disputes, drawing on decades of legal experience to support our clients' interests.

Comprehensive General Liability Policy Protections

All comprehensive general liability policies are different, but most have similar characteristics. CGL policies are a combination of several types of liability insurance, including:

  • Premises liability: Costs associated with the injuries suffered by visitors to your company's properties are covered under CGL. Slip-and-fall cases are particularly common.
  • Completed operations: Even after your company has completed a project, you still bear some liability for injuries caused at a later date.
  • Product liability: Many CGL policies carry some protection from liability for injuries suffered by the users of a company's products.
  • Advertising injury: CGL policies protect against damages incurred while advertising your company. Common claims for advertising injury include libel and trademark infringement.

Companies rely upon these liability protections to safeguard their assets and maintain their financial stability. When an insurance company refuses to indemnify a policyholder for a covered loss, the denial could pose a significant threat to the company as a whole. As your law firm, we will do everything possible to ensure your insurance company respects the terms of its policy.

Handling Complex Policy Disputes

Comprehensive general liability policies vary somewhat depending on the company's unique needs. One thing all policies have in common, however, is their complexity.

CGL policies are known for presenting a complex set of limitations and exclusions that make it extremely difficult for the end user to understand exactly what is covered and what is not. As your law firm, we will carefully examine your policy to develop a full understanding of your legal position. Then, we will develop strong legal counterarguments to challenge your insurance company's interpretation of your policy.

All CGL disputes are unique. At Faricy Law Firm, P.A., we provide personal attention and individualized service to each of our clients, ensuring that he or she has access to the full legal resources his or her case requires.

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