Minneapolis Attorneys For Business Interruption Insurance Claims

A catastrophic event such as a fire, a tornado or a massive water leak can easily interrupt regular business activities and bring a company to a standstill. Beyond the obvious financial loss related to property damage, businesses that are not longer able to operate lose vital revenue.

At Faricy Law Firm, P.A., we understand that for Minnesota business owners, cash flow is king. Helping our clients maintain their cash flow and keep their businesses viable is our mission and one of our greatest strengths. One of the most significant ways we do this is through resolving denied business interruption insurance claims.

Business interruption insurance is intended to cover lost revenue, the cost of continuing operating expenses, temporary relocation costs and more.

When Insurance Companies Deny Or Undervalue Business Interruption Claims

While a catastrophic event can close a business temporarily, a denied insurance claim can often drive it into bankruptcy and shut it down permanently.

Our Minneapolis lawyers for business interruption insurance claims have more than three decades of experience dealing with insurance companies across the country. We know the strategies they sometimes use to take advantage of policyholders, and we know how to counter their tactics.

Whether the insurance company wrongly accuses a policyholder of arson to avoid paying a fire-damage claim or uses an inaccurate formula to calculate the amount of loss, we can help. Our lawyers will diligently investigate every aspect of the claim and explore every avenue for recovery. Business owners throughout Minnesota trust us to leave no stone unturned on their behalves.

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