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Product Liability Archives

FDA issues consumer advisory warning on dietary supplement Jack3d

In many sets of statutes passed by legislature or regulations created by agencies, there are sometimes large sections devoted to definitions. Within that grouping of laws, certain words have specific meanings and only those meaning. They may also define the responsibilities and authority of an agency. Such is the case with an allegedly deadly workout supplement, that because of how the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) authority is granted and how a dietary supplement is defined, the FDA has been limited in the actions it can take.

Three million Japanese cars ordered recalled due to defective airbag

A massive recall of more than 3 million vehicles has been announced by Japanese car manufacturers. Toyota Motor, Honda Motor and Nissan Motor all said they were recalling the cars because of defective air bags. This is the latest in a recent run of recalls. Toyota in particular has been plagued with recalls involving unintended acceleration, among other issues.

Unintended acceleration alleged in Ford vehicles

Yet another claim of unintended acceleration has been brought against a major auto manufacturer. This time, a lawsuit has been filed against Ford, claiming that vehicles have a design defect that allows them to accelerate unexpectedly and cause crashes.

CDC reports nationwide E. coli infection from frozen food products

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported yet another outbreak of E. coli bacteria in nationally distributed food products. This outbreak has been tied to Farm Rich brand frozen food products as a source of E. coli O121 infection.

Contraceptive Yasmin and Yaz litigation settled by Bayer

Drugs are chemical compositions, and once ingested, they can affect many of the body's systems. While they may have a primary effect, there may be multiple secondary, or side effects. Sometimes those side effects become much more than merely a side effect. Bayer has recently announced a settlement of lawsuits for injuries resulting from use of its Yasmin and Yaz oral contraceptives.

Two major vehicle recalls announced by Honda and Toyota

Modern cars are typically very safe. The highway fatality statistic underscores this point. At one time, back in the 1970s, when there were fewer cars and fewer miles driven, there were many more fatalities. In fact, the record year for highway fatalities was 1972, with 54,589 deaths. However, of course, radial tires and safety belts were still a new idea, and ABS brakes, stability control were still decades away.

Criminal indictments for deadly 2009 salmonella outbreak

In most product liability situations, when a defective or dangerous product is found, the item; a drug, a child's crib or food item that injures people, will be recalled, and lawsuits may be filed by those injured to recover compensation. This is because the typical product recall involves something that was negligently designed or sloppily manufactured.