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Defective Construction Materials Archives

Concrete issues potentially caused by defects

It can be exciting to build a house or make home improvements. The idea of bettering one's living situation, making a home more convenient or comfortable, and possibly increasing a home's value can make such an endeavor worthwhile. Most of the time, however, Minnesotans have to rely on construction crews to complete the specialized work necessary to finish the project. Though many times these companies utilize experienced, skilled workers and adequate materials, in instances that is not the case.

Window leaks and mold can cause problems

Last week we discussed how a sinking concrete foundation can cause homeowners headaches and financial harm. Unfortunately, though a big problem, foundation issues are not the only construction defects homeowners may face. Another common problems involves window leaks. A window leak can cause water intrusion and mold, which can cause damage to an individual's home and his or her health.

The effects of a sinking concrete foundation

Purchasing or building a home is a big decision. Buyers may put a lot of thought into their financial situation, the size and quality of the house, and the neighborhood. Though it can be an exciting time, mistakes can be made during the construction process that can leave a family's home unstable, devalued, and even unsafe.

Recovery in a defective construction materials claim

Hiring someone to construct something for you can be a big decision, as can choosing to buy an already existing home or business. However, in your haste to get settled into your new structure, you may fail to realize that construction companies are a business out to make money. Though many of these companies provide a valuable service, others cut corners and use defective construction materials in order to make a little extra money. When this happens, your property could be subjected to significant damage that could cost you time, money, and peace of mind.

How is water intrusion and mold found in MN schools?

Nothing can raise the ire of a parent faster than if their children are placed in a potentially unhealthy situation. When that happens at the places where the child is supposed to be safest, that can only compound the anger. One such circumstance is when there might be water intrusion and mold at the child's school. The state of Minnesota has certain procedures in place to investigate for mold if there is a reason to do so. Knowing these procedures is important for the parents so they're aware of the condition of the places they send their kids.

Defective construction materials cause big problems for owners

A home is a person's castle and place of peace and comfort. In Hennepin County people make their homes in highly populated areas, on large tracts of land, and in shared units and dwellings. No matter where a person lives or in what type of structure he resides, he should be confident that the materials used to construct his dwelling are both safe and structurally sound.

Window leaks and other defects often found in buildings

Construction defects are a concern for people looking for a new home or making repairs to their old one in Hennepin and across the state. Whether a person is buying a new home or doing repairs to their current home, numerous issues can arise when it comes to construction defects and it's important to know how to recognize them.

Understanding the dangers of roof leaks and ice dams

The winters in Minnesota are predictably cruel and it's important to homeowners that their property is protected from the elements. One frequent issue that arises has to do with roof leaks and ice dams. Many are unaware as to what an ice dam is, how it happens, what to do about it and who is responsible for it. Gathering information as to what how the issue arises is the first step to dealing with it. In some instances, this occurs because of construction defects, so it's important to know how to pursue legal action against the contractor or builder for the mistakes that were made that caused the issue.

What symptoms and illnesses stem from asbestos exposure?

When a person in Minnesota is diagnosed as having an illness that is known to be linked to asbestos, the injured may have to do some investigating to discover the source of the exposure. It's been a long time since asbestos was widely used in construction and for other purposes, but its remnants still affect many people and their families. Understanding asbestosis and what it can lead to is the first step in having a grasp on the disease, but that doesn't always help a victim know how they were exposed in the first place.

How to pursue litigation for defective construction materials

When people decide to have work done on their home or business in Hennepin and throughout the state, one of the basic beliefs is that the materials they're using will be of proper quality. However, it's not a guarantee that the items that are manufactured and purchase for construction use will not just be of high quality but will be safe as well. Construction defects can be dangerous and lead to injuries and illness for workers and people living in the building.