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Review fishy insurance decisions with legal counsel

Insurance companies usually sound confident and strong in their convictions. When they are dealing with a policy holder, they may sound official and correct in their assertions that your policy simply doesn't cover whatever claim you are filing. They may reference provisions in your policy and represent these points in seemingly legitimate ways; or they may not even reference particular provisions and convincingly tell you that you simply aren't covered.

This is the scary element of bad faith insurance. The companies that insure you are very convincing about their position. Bad faith behavior by an insurer may seem legitimate in the eyes of a policy holder.

This is why it is important to review any insurance claim you make with your provider, and to discuss things with an attorney if you have unanswered questions. There is a lot a stake when you make an insurance claim. All you are trying to get is receive the expected protection that you pay for from your insurer. If they are hiding behind a veil of bad faith behavior, then it is important to pull that veil back with the help of legal counsel.

You have extensive rights as a policy holder and as such, you need to assert your rights and be proactive about protecting your position. Legal counsel is the best way to do this, and at Faricy Law Firm, we can help answer all the questions you have about your insurance policy and your legal situation. Please consult with us if you suspect you are being conned by your insurance company.

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