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Weather and property have a complex relationship

Weather is a major force in any state, but in Minnesota, it poses a unique challenge. There are thunderstorms and tornadoes; freezing temperatures and plenty of ice; snow and rain; sweltering heat and flooding; and many of these extreme factors can happen at any time. Seasons change, but the threat of the force of nature never does. It is always there, looming, and without concern for what is damaged.

The weather in Minnesota can do extensive damage to your cars, your homes and your property. When this damage is done, you expect the insurance companies that back your policies on these piece of property to support you. However, that isn't always what happens. Sometimes, insurance companies go out of their way to try to minimize how much they pay you -- or they may try to skirt out of the policy entirely.

You don't have to accept this behavior by insurance companies, and you have rights as a policy holder. If your insurance company tries to lowball you with an unacceptable offer, or if they try to deny your claim under the premise that your policy doesn't cover a certain claim -- even though in your eyes, it does -- then you should consult with an attorney immediately.

Faricy Law Firm has been serving Minnesota residents for more than three decades, and we have the experience and knowledge to help people who are rebuffed when they make an insurance claim. If you need our help, please consult with us as soon as possible.

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