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Property damage claim denials leads to lawsuits

Thanksgiving 2014 was not the pleasant occasion several families in a state outside Minnesota had hoped it would be. Their festive plans were brought to an abrupt halt when a water main break caused a flood in their neighborhood. Water gushed into their homes, making it necessary for them to evacuate and live elsewhere for approximately five months. Since then, repeated property damage claim denials have prompted two couples to file a lawsuit against the city where it happened.

A 12-inch water main break reportedly caused the neighborhood's storm drainage system to overflow. Those involved say they invested tens of thousands of dollars into property repairs after the horrendous flood. The two couples have joined forces to request damages in excess of $50,000 in addition to the highest allowable interest dating back to 2014. 

One of at least six claims against the city states it should be held liable due to its own failure to turn off the water in a timely manner. The claim also says the city was negligent in the installation, maintenance and inspections of the water line. The city is accused of discarding the broken water pipe to avoid possible legal repercussions that may have arisen during a formal inspection.

The lawsuit states the city had a reasonable duty to properly install, maintain, inspect and repair the water line, and, therefore, should be liable for the damages the couples suffered because of the flood. Situations involving property damage claim denials can be quite complex and stressful for homeowners in Minnesota or other states. It is typically best to secure assistance from an attorney before addressing such matters in court.

Source: charlotteobserver.com, "Carmel Road couples sue over 2014 water main break that flooded homes", Mark Price, Maria David, Nov. 22, 2016

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