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November 2016 Archives

Property damage claim denials leads to lawsuits

Thanksgiving 2014 was not the pleasant occasion several families in a state outside Minnesota had hoped it would be. Their festive plans were brought to an abrupt halt when a water main break caused a flood in their neighborhood. Water gushed into their homes, making it necessary for them to evacuate and live elsewhere for approximately five months. Since then, repeated property damage claim denials have prompted two couples to file a lawsuit against the city where it happened.

On partnership disputes and their legal complexities

Every business has a beginning, and that beginning will vary from company to company. Some businesses are started by a sole owner or inventor. Some businesses are corporations, either by original design or by the very nature of the company's evolution. And other companies are partnerships.

Property damage claim denials causing stress for restaurant owner

Many Minnesota business owners have had the unpleasant experience of learning their property has sustained damage for one reason or another. Many times, rectifying such situations is as simple as filing a basic insurance claim and allowing the system to work. Property damage claim denials, however, are an entirely different matter, often causing delays, stress and bottom line instability for business persons.

Weather and property have a complex relationship

Weather is a major force in any state, but in Minnesota, it poses a unique challenge. There are thunderstorms and tornadoes; freezing temperatures and plenty of ice; snow and rain; sweltering heat and flooding; and many of these extreme factors can happen at any time. Seasons change, but the threat of the force of nature never does. It is always there, looming, and without concern for what is damaged.