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Telltale signs that your insurer is acting in bad faith

In the last few weeks, we have written a couple of posts about how an insurer could rightly deny you coverage. Today, let's outline the many ways that an insurer could illegally or unjustly deny you coverage.

One of the most common ways is that the insurance company fails to follow proper protocol regarding their insurance policies or even the law. For example, they may deny a claim but fail to tell you why the claim was denied. This is bad faith insurance. They have to tell you why a claim is denied. Similarly, they may not have performed an adequate investigation into your case, thus hampering their ability to make a fair and just ruling on whether to deny your coverage or not. Again, this is a bad faith tactic.

Another example is how your insurance company pays the claim. Did they delay paying the claim without a legitimate reason? Are they refusing to pay a legitimate claim? Are they offering less money to you than the claim is worth? These are unjust practices and they are examples of bad faith insurance.

Last but not least, the way they treat the legal documentation and the law itself can be considered a bad faith tactic. For example, if the insurance company threatens you or misrepresents the law in order to get you to acquiesce to their requests, then they have committed an act of bad faith insurance. If they refuse to accept documentation from you about a legitimate insurance claim, then this too is bad faith insurance.

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