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How life insurance companies use excuses to deny you coverage

Life insurance companies will come up with every excuse in the books to try to deny you coverage for your legitimate claim. They do this not because they have a legitimate denial to make, but because they want to protect their revenue. All that matters to them is how much money they bring in -- not what they send out.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at a few ways life insurance companies try to "dress up" their denials to make them sound legitimate or legal.

One common tactic is to reference "material misrepresentations." What this means is that the insurance company is denying you life insurance claim because you failed to reveal critical information to them prior to the policy, or that you somehow misrepresented yourself or your loved ones condition.

A lapse in the policy is another common excuse by insurance companies. However, sometimes these lapses occur because the insurance company didn't mail you a notice or that they mailed a notice to the wrong address. If you can prove this inability to notify you, or that they sent notification to the wrong address, then their denial could be deemed unjust.

Last but not least are ambiguous policy exclusions. These utilize vague and general language to give the insurance company as much lenience as possible when it comes to denying someone. You should read your policy and know what these exclusions are -- but if they are invoked, you can certainly launch a legal appeal of their validity.

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