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Man survives brain tumor, insurer rescinds benefits

A story about bad faith insurance is making the rounds after a life insurance company rescinded the disability benefits it was providing a person who survived a brain tumor. The case involves a man who had a brain tumor and required extensive treatment and multiple surgeries to treat. But all of the medical treatment left him permanently damaged, and he looked to collect benefits from the Life Insurance Co. of North America.

The man's insurance company was paying him long-term disability benefits until they decided to cut off the benefits due to a "transferable skills analysis" which said the man could actually return to work as a boat dispatcher. The man sued Life Insurance Co. of North America for unpaid benefits.

There aren't many other details in this story, but the few that we have are reason enough to see that the insurance company is certainly doing everything it can to mitigate it's liability. Whether that mitigation is legal or not will be left to the courts -- but the fact that the insurance company even utilizes this strategy is upsetting. These are the types of tactics that spawn bad faith insurance lawsuits, and people who rely on their insurance policies to help them in dire times have to go through even more pain by filing a lawsuit.

If you are frustrated with your insurance company and they are trying their hardest to deprive you of your benefits, please consult with an attorney immediately.

Source: Northern California Record, "Life Insurance Co. of North America allegedly denied patient disability payments after undergoing brain surgery," Jenie Mallari-Torres, Sept. 2, 2016

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