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Football players experiencing bad faith insurance too

The college football season opened a couple of weeks ago, and last weekend the National Football League returned after a seven month absence. This has brought millions of fans back to the gridiron, ready to spend their Saturdays and Sundays consuming endless hours of football.

So why are we talking about football on a bad faith insurance blog? Well, there are actually numerous bad faith insurance lawsuits currently ongoing in relation to football players claiming their policies (which covered career-threatening injuries and their professional careers) were not upheld by their insurance companies.

These policies are used by college football players, whose stock in the NFL draft is directly related to their ability on the field -- and maybe just as importantly, their health. So when they hurt their knee or suffered a debilitating and career-threatening (or career-ending) injury, the policy kicks in and covers their financial losses. These college players work their whole lives to make it to the NFL. And on one play, in one instance, that life's worth of work can be nullified due to injury.

These policies aren't guaranteed, though -- and as has been shown over the years, and in many different contexts, insurance companies will do everything they can to mitigate their losses and try to squirm out of responsibility for fulfilling their policy.

Whether it is with car insurance, life insurance, or career-protecting insurance for football players, there is always ample opportunity for insurance companies to commit bad faith acts. Don't let them get away with it. Their actions are improper and they should be held accountable.

Source: The Recorder, "Hello, College Football--and Bad-Faith Insurance Suits," Brian S. Kabateck and Justin F. Spearman, Sept. 8, 2016

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