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Denied life insurance coverage? Time to talk to an attorney

It's so sad that this is even a "thing," but insurance companies utilize a number of strategies to mitigate their liability, or even outright deny coverage, when people try to collect on a life insurance policy. Life insurance serves a very important function in our society. Should the need arise, the policy is meant to provide financial assurances to the individual's loved ones so that they can live their lives in the wake of the passing of a family member.

That policy is meant to mean something. The people involved with that policy think about it in a tangible way. And yet, the insurance companies seem to agree to such insurance policies with their fingers crossed behind their back. This simply shouldn't be. Policy holders should be able to rely on their insurance.

Instead, insurance companies trot out a wide variety of strategies, including:

  • Claiming that a medical condition was not disclosed or was pre-existing, thus affecting the policy.
  • Arguing that forms were incomplete or inaccurate, or that a policy was not properly submitted.
  • Stating uncertainty about how the policy holder actually died or raising questions about the cause of death.

Yes, these truly are real arguments and strategies that insurance companies will use to try to bilk you out of needed financial compensation in light of a life insurance policy being activated. The only way to combat these nefarious tactics is to discuss your case with an attorney -- and in the Minneapolis area, the Faricy Law Firm has the experience necessary to help families who have been left lamenting the actions of their life insurance providers.

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