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Car insurance companies aren't always forthright

One of the most common pieces of property that utilizes the insurance it is covered by is motor vehicles. Most people have a car or drive one, and they need insurance to have such a privilege. When car accidents happen -- and they happen at an astonishingly frequent rate -- the people involved will look to their insurance company to cover the costs of the damage done to their vehicle.

Sometimes, this isn't a problem. But other times, the insurer isn't exactly forthcoming in their effort to perform the one duty that they have. They instead choose to fight their client tooth and nail over what they cover and how much they are willing to help. It can be an infuriating process, but it is one that many people have to endure anyway. Even with this knowledge, you should always contact your insurer after a car accident.

In general, you can expect to recoup the losses assumed in the accident. Namely, the difference between what your car was worth before the accident and what it is worth after the accident. However, this isn't a hard and fast rule that insurers follow, and they will likely use the provisions and language in your policy to try to justify why they aren't covering certain things.

Your insurer may have a lot of power, but that doesn't mean they can do whatever they want. They have to take action based in good faith, and if they don't, you, as their client, need to hold them responsible for their less-than-stellar efforts to cover your car accident.

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