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August 2016 Archives

Car insurance companies aren't always forthright

One of the most common pieces of property that utilizes the insurance it is covered by is motor vehicles. Most people have a car or drive one, and they need insurance to have such a privilege. When car accidents happen -- and they happen at an astonishingly frequent rate -- the people involved will look to their insurance company to cover the costs of the damage done to their vehicle.

Offer to settle for policy cap leads to insurer acting in bad faith

While the following story doesn't involve the state of Minnesota, it is still a piece of good news for people everywhere because it shows how insurance companies who deploy bad faith tactics with their clients are being held to task.

Denied life insurance coverage? Time to talk to an attorney

It's so sad that this is even a "thing," but insurance companies utilize a number of strategies to mitigate their liability, or even outright deny coverage, when people try to collect on a life insurance policy. Life insurance serves a very important function in our society. Should the need arise, the policy is meant to provide financial assurances to the individual's loved ones so that they can live their lives in the wake of the passing of a family member.

Some basic terms to know about insurance law

Today, we're going to talk about some very basic terms that are involved in insurance and insurance law. These terms are common and are important to know, especially for people who are dealing with an insurance company that seemingly isn't holding up its end of the bargain or is outright involved in bad faith insurance tactics.