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When insurers deny claims, the whole system breaks down

Insurance makes us feel secure. It is the entire reason for having insurance. When we buy a car, start a business, seek medical attention or own a piece of property, it is necessary for us to have insurance so that your stake in the asset or our well-being as a person is protected. Without insurance, there would be many accidents, problems and incidents that couldn't possibly be financially rectified. Indeed, a world without insurance would be a chaotic one.

But the whole concept of insurance only works if the people who pay for it can trust that their claims will be accepted and covered. When claims aren't taken seriously or are fraudulently dismissed, then the whole concept of insurance fails and the people who have insurance policies lose faith.

Bad faith insurance claims bring this instability about, and they make insurance companies look as greedy and lacking in empathy as they seem. Whether a premises liability claim is being made, or a product liability claim has been brought, or a person is looking for help in the wake of a car accident -- if an insurer denies the claim in an unjust manner, then the person making the claim should consider legal action for a bad faith insurance claim.

At Faricy law Firm, we can provide the capable and experienced legal counsel that people need when their insurer denies them the insurance they need. We have handled a wide variety of bad faith insurance cases, and we will advise you on how to best proceed with your case.

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