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Not In Kansas Anymore

Am I covered?

That’s the first question homeowners ask when they face a major home problem. With all of the summer storms and downed trees we’ve been having this is not an unusual question.

Whether you live in Kansas or not, if a tree falls on your home due to wind or lightning the damage done to your home should be covered, whether it is your tree or your neighbor’s.

Even if the tree was blown across town and landed on your property you can file a claim. Quite frankly it’s not worth the insurance company’s time to figure out where the tree originated.  

To every rule there is an exception. So, for example, say your neighbor has a tree that is rotting. Perhaps you’ve mentioned it to them, worried about a large branch that hangs precariously close to your roof. If that branch falls and damages your property you may try to collect from your neighbor’s insurance. It’s a process known as subrogation.

If the tree rots and lands on your property without damaging anything you’re better off going out and helping your neighbor clear the debris. If the tree blocks the road, driveway or entrance to the house an insurance company may pay for removal services.  

Foliage on your own property that gets struck by lightning, catches on fire, is stolen or vandalized may be covered. However, the standard coverage for any one tree or shrub less than $500.

 Some issues that most homeowners insurance limits or does not cover include:

  • Mold
  • Sinkholes
  • Infestation (termites)
  • Acts of God
  • Acts of terrorism
  • Nuclear plant accidents
  • Sewer backup

Other damage, such as flood damage, may require a rider or endorsement. Items such jewelry, art, collectibles, firearms and musical instruments are generally not covered under regular policies.

If your insurance company refuses to pay for major damage resulting from falling trees or storm, contact an experienced attorney. Faricy Law Firm, P.A. handles a wide variety of insurance claim denials.

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