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July 2016 Archives

Keeping The Faith, Losing The Faith, Good Faith And Bad Faith

While keeping the faith and losing the faith have nothing to do with insurance, good faith and bad faith do. Buying insurance is essentially buying a promise: your insurance company is promising to “cover” you, that is to provide you with insurance protection.

Nevada AG accuses AIG-subsidiary of bad faith, breach of contract

While we envision lawsuits alleging bad faith on the part of an insurance company as typically being filed by aggrieved individual or corporate policyholders, it's important to understand that they can be pursued on a much larger scale.

When insurers deny claims, the whole system breaks down

Insurance makes us feel secure. It is the entire reason for having insurance. When we buy a car, start a business, seek medical attention or own a piece of property, it is necessary for us to have insurance so that your stake in the asset or our well-being as a person is protected. Without insurance, there would be many accidents, problems and incidents that couldn't possibly be financially rectified. Indeed, a world without insurance would be a chaotic one.