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Crumbling homes epidemic leads to bad faith insurance claims

There's a truly upsetting epidemic ravaging the state of Connecticut right now, and if you're a homeowner, it will strike you as particularly galling. Many homes in Connecticut are suddenly falling apart -- literally. The foundation of the homes are cracking and crumbling due to oxidization that no one expected, and these homes have a common link. The concrete used for these foundations all trace back to a specific quarry that uses a concrete mixture with high levels of pyrrhotite.

Pyrrhotite reacts with oxygen, creating cracks and swelling that can lead to the degradation and ultimate destruction of the concrete. This is what is happening to roughly 20,000 homes in Connecticut, according to an investigation into this extraordinary event.

But if this isn't bad enough, homeowners are seeing their insurance claims denied by their insurer's when they cite defective foundations made out of diluted concrete. Fixing a crumbling foundation costs anywhere between $100,000 and $200,000 and many insurers are simply unwilling to support their clients. There were even reports that some policies were cancelled as a result of defective foundations. The Insurance Department in Connecticut has since warned insurance companies about their behavior and how they treat their clientele.

This is stereotypical bad faith insurance right here. It reeks of a conspiracy by insurers to block honest people from saving their homes just so they can spare their bottom line. It's a disgusting practice, and one that should not be accepted by anyone -- may it be a homeowner or the driver of a car.

Source: New York Times, "With Connecticut Foundations Crumbling, 'Your Home Is Now Worthless'," Kristin Hussey and Lisa W. Foderaro, June 7, 2016

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