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Travelers Insurance accused of bad faith tactics and fraud

An insurance company owned by Travelers Insurance may have intentionally failed to give an injured woman a full copy of a policy she was involved in -- purely to obstruct her ability to cash in on a $1 million provision she qualifies for. It's an amazing and upsetting example of how insurance companies do anything they can to mitigate their liability.

In this particular case, the woman was a passenger in a car that was rented by her friend. The friend fell asleep and the car went off the side of the road, causing a serious crash that severely injured the woman. Her injuries were so bad that they were career ending. The woman was a nurse, and she suffered fractures to her back and ribs, as well as numerous other injuries that required her to stay in a hospital for a month, as well as three more months in a nursing home.

But when her friend invoked the insurance policy she had on the vehicle, the woman wanted to see if she was covered too. Her lawyer sent Travelers a notice asking for the full policy so that they could review it. Travelers said she wasn't covered under the policy and didn't send it. Then a month later they finally did send the woman and her lawyer a copy of the policy -- but it wasn't complete. Travelers had conveniently stopped the copy before it included a page that disclosed the woman was covered for up to $1 million per her friend's insurance.

Travelers is now being sued by the woman, and her claim could reveal a number of other cases where people have been given incomplete copies of policies.

Source: Argus Leader, "Insurance giant accused of fraud by Sioux Falls woman," Jonathan Ellis, May 17, 2016

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