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Insurance plays key role in product liability cases

Imagine that you make up one morning and make a cup of coffee with a fancy coffee maker that utilizes pre-made single pods of coffee. As the coffee brews, some of it spits out and burns your skin.

Or, imagine that after you have your breakfast, you are driving to work. And on the way to work, your car continues to accelerate through a stop sign even though you are slamming on the brakes.

Or worse yet, imagine being given a prescription drug by your doctor. It sounds great and if it works, you'll be cured -- except it doesn't work and you suffer even worse medical conditions as a result of taking the prescription.

These are just three examples of products gone wrong, and the liability the flows in the wake of such defective items. Whether it is during the manufacturing process or the item itself is simply a faulty design, products liability cases are very prevalent in the courtroom today.

When you or a family member are hurt as a result of a defective product, it is imperative that you have an attorney by your side. But not just any attorney -- you need an attorney that understands insurance law, because these cases have an imperative insurance component to them.

Whether your case involves defective children's toys, faulty construction equipment, spitting coffee makers, broken automobile parts, unsafe prescriptions or anything in between, we at the Faricy Law Firm can help you with your products liability case and help you strive towards the compensation you deserve.

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