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May 2016 Archives

Travelers Insurance accused of bad faith tactics and fraud

An insurance company owned by Travelers Insurance may have intentionally failed to give an injured woman a full copy of a policy she was involved in -- purely to obstruct her ability to cash in on a $1 million provision she qualifies for. It's an amazing and upsetting example of how insurance companies do anything they can to mitigate their liability.

Life insurance companies need to follow protocol

Imagine having a life insurance policy and feeling secure in your future, and your family's future, in the event that your policy is triggered. That security is a nice feeling. But then one day an accident happens and your policy is indeed triggered. Once your insurance company is notified, they do everything they can to mitigate their liability and ultimately determine that your accident is not covered under the policy.

You must fight back against a denied property damage claim

Anything can happen on any given day. That's an exciting statement, just as it is a terrifying one. When it comes to insurance, the whole point is to help people recover from the terrifying possibilities. Will a thunderstorm cause serious damage to my home? Will a car accident ruin my vehicle and leave me injured? Will my business be covered when an unexpected fire occurs?