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Patients denied Hep C drugs may have a case

We have another story that originates outside the borders of Minnesota, but again, bad faith insurance doesn't really know or care about borders. Insurers who renege on their promise to clients to cover them when they are in need is something so sadly ubiquitous that it doesn't really matter where a bad faith insurance story comes from.

In this case, the state in question is New York. The state attorney general there is probing a far-reaching potential breach of insurance protocol as state health insurers denied people access to hepatitis C drugs that could cure the condition. Though some of the drugs have been the subject of lawsuits by consumers, they are quite effective (though also quite expensive).

The New York state attorney general sent subpoenas to most major health insurers in the state to learn more about why people were denied access to these drugs. One of the main reasons for this action by the New York attorney general is because health insurers are required by law to inform their clients of what they cover and don't cover. In this case, that promise may have been broken. Only time will tell as the investigation is under way.

Being denied coverage by your insurer -- regardless of whether it involves health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, or any other form of insurance -- is a deflating and painful experience. But you shouldn't let your insurer get away with it. You can hold them to task, and if it is discovered that they participated in bad faith insurance practices, they could be held liable.

Source: Wall Street Journal, "Insurers Probed on Hepatitis C Drug Coverage," Corinne Ramey, March 2, 2016

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