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March 2016 Archives

Patients denied Hep C drugs may have a case

We have another story that originates outside the borders of Minnesota, but again, bad faith insurance doesn't really know or care about borders. Insurers who renege on their promise to clients to cover them when they are in need is something so sadly ubiquitous that it doesn't really matter where a bad faith insurance story comes from.

Legal help is necessary after a denied life insurance claim

An agreement means nothing if one of the parties involved in that agreement has no intent to uphold the basics of the deal. In fact, it's downright confusing to think of an agreement in this way. And yet, time after time, insurance companies do everything they can to mitigate their responsibility when an insurance policy is triggered and someone is in need of the insurance company's support -- the support they agreed to give their client.

Be ready to deal with your insurer after a car accident

Car accidents are a very unfortunate part of life. They happen all of the time, and people suffer terrible injuries as a result. When a car accident happens, there are so many steps that need to be followed so that the legal side of the case can be handled. One of these steps is dealing with your insurance company.

On the subrogation claim, and what it means

If you were in charge of an insurance company and you were covering a person who got into a car accident that was caused by a negligent driver, you would cover that injured person. However, since negligence is involved in the car accident that injured your client, a reasonable case could be made that the negligent driver is actually the person who should be paying for the injured person's damaged property and personal injuries.