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January 2016 Archives

If an insurer closes a door, the state may open a window p2

We are talking about health insurance claim denials and appeals of those decisions. Consumers may not realize that they can appeal a claim denial. The insurance company has a process in place that generally starts with a call to the customer service line. There is a form that the consumer or the physician must complete and send to the insurer with as much supporting documentation as possible. The consumer can challenge the decision, and the consumer can contact the Minnesota Department of Commerce for help.

If an insurer closes a door, the state may open a window

There are few things more frustrating about health care insurance than having a prescription denied. In some cases, it's a hassle. In others, though, it could be life-altering. That is one reason the appeal process needs to be more than just thorough and fair. Policyholders need an answer fast.

You're insured, you die, your policy pays, right? Not so fast p2

We are talking about life insurance policies and some of the most common reasons life insurance claims are denied. First and foremost, an insurance company will not pay a claim if there is no insurance policy. For example, if the policy has lapsed for nonpayment, the insurance company has no obligation to pay the claim.