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Kraft recalls cheese slices over potential for consumer injury

Nearly everything Minnesotans buy is wrapped in some sort of packaging. This packaging may ensure that the product remains fresh, protected, or appealing to the consumer's eye. These boxes, cans, and plastic wrap have become a part of our everyday lives, and we therefore don't find ourselves thinking about the dangers they can pose. However, a recent recall of a popular food product may have us all questioning the safety of the packaging in which our products arrive.

Kraft recently issued a voluntary recall of some of its well-known and highly consumed chees product: Kraft American Singles. These individually wrapped slices of cheese product are posing a hazard to consumers because there is a likelihood that a strip of the film used to package each slice can remain on the slice even after removal. This creates a choking hazard. Twelve complaints have been filed by consumers, so Kraft has expanded the recall.

Currently, approximately 335,000 cases of Kraft Singles American and White American cheese product are under the recall. The product was shipped across the United States and the world, putting many at risk. Those who have bought this product can visit Kraft's website to find the "best by" dates affected to see if the recall pertains to them.

This example illustrates how a seemingly minor error in product packaging could lead to serious injury or death. Those who are hurt by recalled products should fully consider what they can do to make themselves whole again, which might include filing a product liability lawsuit. A successful claim may bring a victim much-needed compensation and help raise awareness of the dangers of inadequate and unsafe packaging.

Source: Newsweek, "Kraft recalls cheese product slices due to choking hazard," Polly Mosendz, Sep. 4, 2015

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