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Kroger recalls cilantro after salmonella discovered

Most of us shop at grocery stores without much thought about whether or not the food is safe for consumption. Fortunately, most of the time food is safe to eat, as there are a lot of agencies and regulations at work behind the scenes to ensure clean, healthy and safe food products. Yet, every now and then harmful food gets through these lines of defenses and pose a significant threat of harm to consumers, as can be seen from a recent incident.

Kroger and Wal-Mart are now scrambling to recall cilantro after it was found to be contaminated with salmonella. According to reports, the field from which the cilantro was harvested was found to contain human feces and toilet paper. The FDA is now, and will continue, to inspect all cilantro entering the country from Mexico. However, this may not be enough to ensure safe food coming from Mexico, as 8 out of 11 recently inspected Mexican farms were found to be unsanitary.

Food borne illnesses like salmonella can be quite harmful. Victims may suffer vomiting and diarrhea, which could lead to serious medical complications. As a result, an injured individual may need medical care that can be extensive and costly. Also, a victim may be so sick that he or she is unable to work, which could cause him or her to lose much needed wages.

Fortunately, the legal system allows those who have been harmed by dangerous food products to seek compensation for their damages via a products liability lawsuit. These legal battles are often complicated, but they can help a victim recoup his or her losses, and work to ensure that food products are safe before they are put on market shelves.

Source: Cincinnati Business Courier, "Kroger issues new product recall related to health concerns," Jul. 30, 2015

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