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Inadequate safety warnings and insufficient instructions

We have all seen them. Instruction manuals shoved into product packaging and warning stickers placed on boxes and products themselves. We see these items so often that we may not pay them much attention. Yet, in the event that you are hurt by a product, the contents of its instruction manual and warnings could play an important role in your quest for recovery of compensation.

Products must contain warnings that are clear and specific. This ensures that consumers know of potential hazards and they can avoid them. For example, lights that may overheat after an hour's use and pose a risk of fire should have a warning that clearly conveys this information to a consumer. Therefore, if the warning is read, then a consumer can avoid using the lights for more than an hour.

In addition to clearly warning consumers of any hidden dangers associated with a product, companies must also sufficiently instruct consumers on how to use the product. These instructions should direct consumers to use the product in a way that avoids dangers associated with the product. If instructions are insufficient, then a consumer may not know how to use a product appropriately, and he or she may be injured as a result.

Insufficient instructions and inadequate safety warnings are serious problems. An individual can be seriously injured or even killed when these elements exist. Recovering from such harm can result in significant costs, financially, emotionally, and physically. This is why considering a products liability lawsuit may be beneficial. A successful claim may allow an individual to recover compensation for his or her losses and send the message that errant product instructions and labels will not be tolerated.

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