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August 2015 Archives

Inadequate safety warnings and insufficient instructions

We have all seen them. Instruction manuals shoved into product packaging and warning stickers placed on boxes and products themselves. We see these items so often that we may not pay them much attention. Yet, in the event that you are hurt by a product, the contents of its instruction manual and warnings could play an important role in your quest for recovery of compensation.

Concrete issues potentially caused by defects

It can be exciting to build a house or make home improvements. The idea of bettering one's living situation, making a home more convenient or comfortable, and possibly increasing a home's value can make such an endeavor worthwhile. Most of the time, however, Minnesotans have to rely on construction crews to complete the specialized work necessary to finish the project. Though many times these companies utilize experienced, skilled workers and adequate materials, in instances that is not the case.

Kroger recalls cilantro after salmonella discovered

Most of us shop at grocery stores without much thought about whether or not the food is safe for consumption. Fortunately, most of the time food is safe to eat, as there are a lot of agencies and regulations at work behind the scenes to ensure clean, healthy and safe food products. Yet, every now and then harmful food gets through these lines of defenses and pose a significant threat of harm to consumers, as can be seen from a recent incident.

An attorney may be able to help those hurt by bad products

If you are a parent, then you probably spend a significant amount of time either buying your children toys or supervising them while they play with them. Most of the time, we watch our children play with these toys without much thought, but as was discussed last week on the blog, toys go through a lot of testing in an effort to ensure safety. While the efforts are admirable, the fact of the matter is that far too many unsafe toys make it to market.