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Window leaks and mold can cause problems

Last week we discussed how a sinking concrete foundation can cause homeowners headaches and financial harm. Unfortunately, though a big problem, foundation issues are not the only construction defects homeowners may face. Another common problems involves window leaks. A window leak can cause water intrusion and mold, which can cause damage to an individual's home and his or her health.

In fact, according to the CDC, mold exposure has been linked to upper respiratory tract complications, coughing, and wheezing in otherwise healthy people. Though mold may not affect some, for others, particularly those who are allergic or who have compromised immune systems, exposure can cause severe infection. These individuals may need to go to the doctor and receive extensive medical attention.

Additionally, a leaking window and the subsequent appearance of mold, can be costly to fix. Mold removal may involve extensive cleaning of every surface of the home and follow up treatments. A homeowner will also likely have to replace leaking windows and other building materials that have been ruined by the increased moisture.

The financial losses associated with these types of instances can be significant, and it can be frustrating for homeowners who paid for these materials to be installed in properly functioning order. Fortunately, though, those who suffer harm caused by construction defects can choose to file a lawsuit against the parties responsible for the damage. Though filing a legal claim is rarely easy, the process may be worth it, as a successful claim may bring an individual much needed compensation. Then, if made financially whole again, the homeowner can remedy the situation and focus on moving on with his or her life.

Source: CDC, "Facts about Mold and Dampness" accessed July 18, 2015

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