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The effects of a sinking concrete foundation

Purchasing or building a home is a big decision. Buyers may put a lot of thought into their financial situation, the size and quality of the house, and the neighborhood. Though it can be an exciting time, mistakes can be made during the construction process that can leave a family's home unstable, devalued, and even unsafe.

One of the more common construction defects deals with concrete foundations. An improperly laid foundation, or one that uses defective construction materials, can cause significant problems for a homeowner. A sinking foundation can leave a homeowner's floors uneven, jam windows and doors, and make selling the home extremely difficult. To make matters worse, repairing a sinking foundation can be very expensive.

There are many ways a sinking foundation can be repaired. High-pressure grout can be injected into unstable soil and foundation cracks to provide stability, load-bearing piers can lift a foundation, and helical piers can provide similar benefits for those homes situated near a water table. Yet, no matter which type of remedy is chosen, a homeowner can be hit with unexpected losses. This can be especially frustrating when the sinking foundation is caused by defective materials or inadequate work performed by a construction crew.

If this is the case, then it might be best for a homeowner to take legal action. Filing a lawsuit against those responsible for the damage could lead to compensatory recovery. This may provide much financial relief and bring some resolution to the matter. In the end, taking legal action may allow an individual to move past the incident and focus on his or her future. A Minnesota attorney with experience in these matters can help homeowners to understand how the law may apply to the unique circumstances of their case.

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