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Poorly designed Lululemon tops recalled for posing risk of harm

It's a sad reality, but the fact is that just about any consumer product can be dangerous. Though some may only be dangerous when used in a way for which the product was not intended, other defective and poorly designed products are dangerous in their intended, every day usage. These latter products can pose a significant risk to consumers, threatening to injure them without notice. Oftentimes, these poorly designed products are recalled, but many times it is too late.

This is the case with a recent recall of products from the popular athletic clothing maker Lululemon. According to reports, about 20 styles of the company's hooded tops and jackets have been deemed dangerous for consumers. The products apparently have an elastic drawstring that has a hard tip and, when pulled and released, can snap back and strike the wearer in the face. Seven individuals have reported face and eye injuries as a result of such incidences.

The recall affects nearly 133,000 jackets and tops in the United States, and is the second big recall the company has issued in the last two years, though the most recent one is the only one that posed a physical danger. Though no lawsuits have been yet reported in relation to the recently recalled products, and no reports of serious injury have been made, that does not mean that the matter is settled.

Those who have suffered a serious injury as the result of a poorly designed product may be able to recover damages through a lawsuit based on product liability. These damages can take the form of medical expenses, lost wages and perhaps even disfigurement. Therefore, those who have been hurt by a dangerous product should consider taking legal action in an attempt to make themselves whole again.

Source: Forbes, "Lululemon Recalls 318,000 Dangerous Tops, Marking Second Big Product Mishap Since 2013," Clare O'Connor, June 25, 2015

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