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July 2015 Archives

How are toys tested for safety?

Those Minnesotans who have children probably spend a good amount of money on new toys. Though many of us buy these items without much thought, government regulations attempt to strictly control toy quality to ensure consumer safety. When a company fails to comply with these standards, then significant harm may befall a child.

Window leaks and mold can cause problems

Last week we discussed how a sinking concrete foundation can cause homeowners headaches and financial harm. Unfortunately, though a big problem, foundation issues are not the only construction defects homeowners may face. Another common problems involves window leaks. A window leak can cause water intrusion and mold, which can cause damage to an individual's home and his or her health.

The effects of a sinking concrete foundation

Purchasing or building a home is a big decision. Buyers may put a lot of thought into their financial situation, the size and quality of the house, and the neighborhood. Though it can be an exciting time, mistakes can be made during the construction process that can leave a family's home unstable, devalued, and even unsafe.

Poorly designed Lululemon tops recalled for posing risk of harm

It's a sad reality, but the fact is that just about any consumer product can be dangerous. Though some may only be dangerous when used in a way for which the product was not intended, other defective and poorly designed products are dangerous in their intended, every day usage. These latter products can pose a significant risk to consumers, threatening to injure them without notice. Oftentimes, these poorly designed products are recalled, but many times it is too late.

What defenses are used in a products liability case?

This blog devotes a significant amount of space to the subjects of defective products, manufacturing and design defects, and product recalls and how they can all be extremely harmful to consumers. If you have been hurt by a defective product, then you likely have damages that you would like to recoup. Though we have talked about some strategies related to how to recover losses, it may be just as beneficial to discuss possible products liability defenses. After all, knowing what you may be up against is one of the best ways to know how to attack.