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Our experienced attorneys can deal with product design defects

Consumers should never have to worry if the products they are buying and using are safe when used as intended. Yet, as discussed on the blog a few weeks ago, product design defects can leave consumers at risk of harm. Victims of poorly designed products may suffer serious injuries, including broken bones, head and neck injuries, permanent disability and even death. Recovering from this harm can be difficult and could take a significant period of time, if recovery is possible at all.

Therefore, if you have been hurt because of a product's defective design, then you may want to consider your legal options as they could provide relief. But product liability lawsuits can be quite complicated. Technical issues may be complicated and hard to understand, let alone address in a court of law. Fortunately, strong legal advocates can be found in Minnesota, including at the Faricy Law Firm.

Our attorneys have years of experience handling defective design cases. We know how to assess whether a design created foreseeable risk and if a reasonable alternative existed. Our legal team knows how to gather and present evidence in a way that supports our clients' cases and can question experts and other witnesses to get to the truth of the matter. Additionally, we diligently work to show the real extent of our clients' harm, striving to recover as much compensation as possible on their behalf.

Filing a legal claim can seem scary, particularly if you are going up against a big company that has seemingly unlimited resources. But don't let your fear paralyze you into inaction. Instead, you should stand strong against those who have caused you harm, and work to hold them accountable. A passionate and aggressive attorney can be by your side throughout the battle to ensure you know your legal rights.

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