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May 2015 Archives

Our experienced attorneys can deal with product design defects

Consumers should never have to worry if the products they are buying and using are safe when used as intended. Yet, as discussed on the blog a few weeks ago, product design defects can leave consumers at risk of harm. Victims of poorly designed products may suffer serious injuries, including broken bones, head and neck injuries, permanent disability and even death. Recovering from this harm can be difficult and could take a significant period of time, if recovery is possible at all.

Is settling a product liability lawsuit right for me?

Whether it's better to settle a product liability lawsuit or go to trial depends on the circumstances surrounding your case and what you hope to get out of your claim. Therefore, it is imperative that you carefully consider every aspect of your unique situation to determine if the offered settlement is adequate. We will briefly discuss some of the elements that should be considered when contemplating a settlement, but this post should not be considered legal advice as each instance should be assessed on an individual basis.

Recently recalled consumer products

Consumer products are recalled nearly every week. This means that consumers are often put at risk of harm, many times without even knowing it. This is wholly unacceptable. The first way for Minnesotans to protect themselves from these dangerous products is to be aware of which products are being recalled and why.

What is a design defect?

Consumer products must be designed, manufactured and marketed to consumers in a way that ensures their safety to the fullest extent. Though many products are safe so long as they are used as intended, there are many others that leave everyday people seriously injured. When this happens, severe losses may take hold, including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Therefore, it is important to understand products liability law and how it may come into play at any time.