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We stand by those hurt by unsafe products

Our last post on the blog discussed strict liability and how it shapes your products liability claim. This area of the law is very specialized and can be difficult to understand. Sure, strict liability itself may only have the three elements discussed last week, but each of those elements in and of themselves can bring up a whole host of legal issues.

For example, in order to succeed on a products liability claim you must show that the product had some sort of defect. What is a defect? Well, a defect can take many forms. There can be a manufacturing defect, a labeling defect, or a design defect. Each of those defects must be analyzed differently depending on the circumstances. Oftentimes, this means relying on expert testimony and existing case law. Likewise, you must show that the product that harmed you was not substantially changed. But what does "substantially" mean in that context?

These are legal issues that attorneys, like those at the Faricy Law Firm, are prepared to handle. Experienced products liability lawyers know how to assess certain types of defects and how the law will apply to a specific set of circumstances. Our legal team proudly represents its clients' legal rights, ensuring that their voice is heard. We deeply believe that safety should be the number one concern of all product makers. Therefore, there is no excuse for an individual to be wrongfully harmed by a product he or she buys and uses as intended. This is why strict liability exists and why we fight to prove it.

No guarantee of compensation can be given in any consumer injury case. However, the legal skill of your attorney may be paramount to your case. Therefore, it is a choice that should not be taken lightly. If you have suffered a consumer injury, it may be wise to consider taking legal action in a way that supports what you hope to get out of the process.

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